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A self-hosted, open-source Platform as a Service

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Simply git push to deploy

Install Swarmlet on a single server and try it out by deploying an app. Add additional servers to provide more resources for your apps.

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Automatic SSL and load balancing

Swarmlet uses Traefik v2 and Let's Encrypt to provide automatic SSL and load balancing on your apps.

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Dashboards included

Metrics tools, analytics and dashboards such as Matamo, Swarmpit, Traefik, Grafana are included by default. With easy Slack integration.

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Configure app domains, backends and deployment in a single file.

Swarmlet reads your application stack configuration from a docker-compose.yml file and deploys services accordingly.

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Just a thin wrapper around Docker and Docker Compose

Swarmlet is nothing more than a thin wrapper around Docker commands. It builds applications, stores them in a local or custom registry and deploys them on your swarm.

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Self-hosted CI/CD with GitLab CE and GitLab Runners

Host GitLab CE on your swarm and attach GitLab Runners running on dedicated worker nodes for self-hosted CI/CD.